Who we are

We are a non-profit foundation. Our mission is to be an international, innovative Foundation, leader in projects and integral models of development that generate a strong impact on the companies and organizations we work with, through income-generating activities and the creation of opportunities.

The values that define us are:


Striving for a coherent, responsible and loyal behavior to the institution.

Respect for the person

Willingness to put people – beneficiaries and professionals – at the center of each activity; belief in their creativity and capacity to actively participate in the solution of problems.

Transparency and austerity

Commitment to manage and use responsibly the means at our disposal for the fulfillment of our mission.

Team work

Confidence that the lasting and effective solutions come from the union of capacities of the beneficiaries, and of our team.


Search of the continuous improvement of the management capacities – of our personnel and governing bodies -, to ensure the achievement of the objectives. We work to achieve results.

Contribute (desire to add value)

Commitment that our participation in the projects multiplies the development opportunities of the companies.

Optimism at work

Decision to face problems by transforming them into development opportunities.


We encourage the participation of the different social agents (public and private institutions) in the projects, in order to increase their impact and awaken their responsibility in the solution of the problems.